Unusual Business Ventures – Entrepreneurs Who Think Outside the Box

Think outside the box is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur, enabling you to identify potential solutions others might miss.

Head lice removal to building kids’ dream treehouses – these unique business ventures are showing that being different is good for business.

Pet Portraits

Pet portraits make an appealing business venture: they allow an individual to monetize a hobby while providing an outstanding service that draws plenty of interest and can bring in cash quickly.

People love spending money on their pets, which creates an enormous market for pet artwork like dog paintings, adorable cat drawings and other pet artwork. It’s important to develop an individual style that stands out among competitors and helps your work to stand out.

West & Willow provides high-quality custom pet portraits at a very reasonable cost, and their customers praise them online for the accuracy of their portraits and ability to capture certain quirky details from original photographs. You could connect with pet owners by attending local events and animal welfare organizations where your services may be promoted; this will allow you to establish loyal customer bases and expand your business further. Lastly, creating an online portfolio where pet owners can view all your latest creations is another effective strategy to gain new business.


Bookselling can be an extremely profitable venture for those with experience. Additionally, this business venture provides an ideal entryway into entrepreneurship as you will learn how to deal with taxes, pricing items accurately and marketing online.

Finding high-quality books at reasonable prices for flipping can be challenging, but Charlie suggests using an app such as Scout IQ to quickly scan barcodes of books and determine their selling prices on Amazon after accounting for seller fees and shipping costs.

Make money being creative! One exciting and unusual small business idea involves building customized food sculptures for weddings, anniversary parties, birthdays or other special events – companies like Nelson Treehouse specialize in this line of work and can be an excellent source of income.

Hair Lice Removal

Lice infestations affect millions of people every year and require professional treatment to eradicate. Unfortunately, lice have developed resistance to many products used previously to eradicate them; as a result, businesses like Licenders that offer in-office and home treatments for the affected are experiencing unprecedented business growth.

Initial steps in starting a lice removal business involve conducting market research and determining who your target customers will be. This will enable you to develop marketing strategies and establish operational procedures. It’s also crucial that you stay current with current research and treatment methods.

Consider consulting an expert who can assist in crafting your business plan and securing government funding for lice removal businesses. Doing this early on can make the difference between success and failure – so get going today by registering to access our Funding Database and Ask an Expert program!

Plant Hotel

Expectations of what one would find at a hotel are relatively straightforward: comfortable beds, friendly concierges and maybe even gardens. But who knew there would ever be such an unexpected business venture as the world’s first plant hotel? Freddie was inspired to launch this groundbreaking venture after realizing people take their plants with them when traveling; rather than leave their precious pothos behind with neighbors or friends, Freddie created Patch to care for these travelers’ beloved greenery in an innovative new facility – hence this unusual yet brilliant business venture.

Plants stay at this hotel just like dogs do: trained plant lovers provide care. What a relief for proud plant parents! There are 100 “rooms,” all bookable online.

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